The Lincolnshire Condominium

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Construction Help

– So you want to do some renovations… is the procedure

If you are planning to do work other than ordinary repairs, you need to obtain, or your contractor needs to get a building permit.  Prior to getting your permit, please read this section to understand your responsibility on how to successfully work in the Lincolnshire.

Prior to the commencement of all work, the Master Deed (Section 4 (C) General Provisions) specifies that unit owners must submit plans and specifications in writing to the Association for approval.

Work shall be performed during permitted work hours.

Work in the building shall be performed from 8 am – 5 pm on weekdays. No work shall be done on holidays or weekends.

All work in building requires contractor registration.

Unit owners may request approval for work being done on their behalf by submitting a Contractor Registration form to the management company. Upon approval of the work, the management company will provide notice to other residents if necessary and arrange for contractor access to common areas.

All work done in the building requires a certificate of insurance from the contractor performing the work. Certificates must be received no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of work.

Certificates of insurance must name The Lincolnshire Condominiums c/o Beacon Services, Inc., 67 1/2 Chestnut Street, Boston, MA 02108.

A pre-construction meeting may be required prior to work being done.

If deemed necessary the project may require a pre-construction meeting,in which the unit owner and contractor will meet with the management company. The purpose of the policy is to protect the building from future costly repairs by coordinating individual unit work with existing building systems and to prevent damage to common areas during construction.

Adequate time must be allowed to schedule the meeting and for the review of required documents by the management company.

1. At least four (4) weeks prior to the construction start date, owners will submit city-approved plans, a copy of the building permit, a Contractor Registration form, and a copy of the general contractor’s construction supervisor’s license.

2. A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled no later than two weeks after the receipt of city-approved plans and permit.

3. During the pre-construction meeting, plans will be reviewed to ensure that work will not adversely affect the structural integrity of the building and that the proposed design will interface appropriately with building systems. Plans will be made for coordination of access for contractors to common area mechanical and electrical rooms.

4. In the event that modifications are required to plans, it is the sole responsibility of the unit owner to amend their building permit with the City of Boston, should a permit amendment be required.

5. Upon completion of construction activities, a copy of the front and rear of the building permit card showing city inspector sign-off at rough and finished stages of the project is required to be submitted to Beacon Services, Inc.

6. Contractors/Owners must provide plan for protecting drains (condensate and waste water), sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, and hallways.

Failure to submit this information will result in a building-issued fine or a stop work notice.