The Lincolnshire Condominium

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The Building

The Lincolnshire opened in the 1920s as a residential hotel. The Raymond Property Company acquired the building in 1984 and completed a condominium conversion in 2005. Improvements include restoration of the lobby, an upgrade of both elevators, new and historically accurate windows, the restoration of roof obelisks, and the upgrading of all residential units.

The Lincolnshire was originally built by William Coombs Codman. This ten-story building was first known as Hotel Lincolnshire, a residential hotel, and its address was 20 Charles Street. Subsequently, the building’s main entrance was reoriented, with an address at 15 River Street. At one time, Massachusetts General Hospital owned the brick building and used it for nurses’ dormitories and later for doctors’ offices.

Currently, the building has two restaurants and an auction house on the street level. The Charles Street entrance provides access to the antique store and the residential units. There is also an inviting residential-only entrance on the River Street side of the building. The front desk is located on the River Street side of the building and the lobby features the original black and white checkered marble floor.

The building is shaped like the letters HH, and its design allows for many corner units which get an abundance of natural light. The Lincolnshire has 46 residential units and 3 commercial units.