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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a quick question about Beacon Services? We’ve answered a number of our most frequently asked questions here for your convenience.

Does Beacon Services offer full-service Property Management?
Yes, we do! Please click here to visit our Property Management page for more information.

Where is Beacon Services located?
We’re located at 67 1/2 Chestnut Street in Boston, MA.  You can find directions to our below.

When was Beacon Services founded?
Beacon Services was founded in 1987.  We’ve been serving Beacon Hill for over 28 years!

I live in a condominium you manage. What is the difference between the “common area” and my unit?

Both the “common area” and the “unit” are special terms used which are defined in the master deed for the association.  Either through a verbal description and/or the plans for the building, both recorded at the registry of deeds, each space is defined succinctly.  The master association is responsible for maintaining the common areas, and the unit owner is responsible for maintaining the unit.